Monday, December 11, 2017

Radio Free Northwest - December 14th 2017 

HAC on the intricacies of Movement GUBU and also on where you should relocate in the Homeland. Gretchen reviews a Tom Sunic book.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Letter From Bill White

Legal Update:

Seminole County Torture Lawsuit

Hello all:

So, I've had time to digest Seminole County's latest excuses as to why they are allowed to torture people, and to prepare my response to their latest effort to obtain summary judgment. This is basically what is going on:

1) The Seminole County Sheriff says that they can torture anyone who is labelled a "white supremacist/neo-Nazi", and, in support of this, submits Silverstein v BOP, a 10th Circuit case. Now, Thomas Silverstein is one of the founders of the Aryan Brotherhood prison gang. He is a Jew and not a White nationalist or political activist. Silverstein has murdered three inmates and one guard, attempted to escape by impersonating a U.S. Marshal, engaged in armed assaults on three other guards, and five times been caught with weapons/escape tools in his anus. And Silverstein is held now in better conditions than I was held in the John E Polk Correctional Facility, without any of the complained-of features except the isolation.

However, Seminole County bases almost their entire defense on their assertion that I am a "White supremacist/neo-Nazi leader," a "gang member," and, a "sovereign citizen," none of which are true, and none of which were reasons for shining a light in my eyes until a portion of my brain was destroyed.

2) Seminole County asserts that they were not required to protect me from what they call "self-inflicted harm." When I read that, my jaw dropped, as the law very clearly requires jailers to protect inmates from all harms, including self-inflicted harm. Their position is that I was completely rational after 30 days without sleep, and capable of deciding to not drink water for six days, so they were not deliberately indifferent in not rehydrating me until twelve hours after I collapsed, and began to choke to death. This is going about as far as defense #1, supra.

3) Seminole County has submitted about 200 pages of largely falsified medical records, and are claiming that they were not deliberately indifferent in harming me because they had a psychological person of unknown qualifications holding "face to face" visits with me each week.

In truth, I never saw this individual between June 24, 2014, and, after November 21, 2014, and as his accounts of the "face to face meetings" during that period are all exactly the same, this is supported. This same individual found that after I had been four days without water, my blood pressure was 159/97 and my body temperature had dropped to 96.3 degrees F, that I appeared to be acting rationally, and should be allowed to continue to go without water until I collapsed two days later. Most of the medical records are like this: extremely dangerous vital signs combined with comments like "no apparent problem." LOL.

4) Seminole County also asserts a lot of other frivolous nonsense, of course without any specifics, like saying the complaint is "conclusory" when it's sworn from personal knowledge (and, thus not conclusory) etc. They also asked that my allegations regarding the cameras be dismissed for "lack of factual foundation."  I am tendering an affidavit giving personal knowledge of exactly how they were broadcasting images of people being tortured. Oh, and, they are claiming that they can only be held liable for $1 in nominal damages as damaging the brain is a mental and not a physical injury, and leaving someone to die without water and, keeping them awake for six months is a de minimis injury. Given that the case has been dismissed wrongfully three times, anything is possible, but this should fail.

Here in Southern District of Illinois, I receive three replies from the government, and, a new partial summary judgment motion on my FOIA case. Apparently, they realized that they screwed up their initial answer, hence the new motion. Besides a lot of irrelevant and erroneous arguments, the government does not, in their response, contest that they should not be sanctioned for tendering a false affidavit from the BATF. As the woman representing the government doesn't really know what she is doing, I am assuming that this is an error. However, as it now stands, they should be sanctioned for lying when they claimed they didn't have records on me, when such records' existence is obvious from documents released by the FBI.

So, a brief legal update. I will be busy all weekend with this. My habeas reply is also drafted, but there is a shortage of typing supplies and other necessities here on the unit, and the reply doesn't have to be filed until February, so, I am not rushing it. They are in a lot of trouble on those convictions as well.

Some of my mail and email does not appear to be reaching some people, so everyone be patient.


William A. White #13888-084
U.S.P. Marion
P. O. Box 1000
Marion, IL 62959

Saturday, December 09, 2017

HAC On Gab

I presume I will be liquidated from Twitter during the Great December 18th purge, due to the "1488" in my username, so just to let you guys know: I am also on Gab @HAC1488, where I just topped 600 followers.

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Radio Free Northwest - December 7th, 2017 

HAC on the tiered citizenship and voting from the NAR Constitution, Andy on bogus DNA testing, Gretchen, Trucker, and back to Harold to talk about–surprise! surprise!–Northwest migration. (Hint: it’s a Good Thing.)

Sunday, December 03, 2017

The Spencer-Covington "Feud"

 The Great Man Himself pensively contemplates his destiny.
Hey HAC:

So I don’t know how many people this has slipped by, or if you’ve seen it already. But it's a podcast from yesterday in which Richard Spencer goes more into detail about his ideas for the Ethnostate. Very important information regarding the “feud,” so to speak, that the greater WN audience is observing between you and Spencer at the moment.

The reason I said “deplatforming” is because I took notes of the podcast for you to use in your arsenal of the much needed “Movement-Criticism” that everyone else seems to be unwilling to dish out. It is so utterly blasphemous to some of the overall concepts of core WN beliefs; it’s quite shocking. I couldn’t help but put this together for you to use. 

Here are my notes, the quotes I list are seriously his. Not making this up. Key Concepts:

•Early in the podcast Spencer is definitely bragging about his skills as a provocateur. This is certainly not indicative of a leader. This is reactionary, not revolutionary. 

•Soon after this he states that we should “never fight with Antifa, just ignore them and defend yourself when you have to.” I think we can agree that choosing always to not confront enemies, is a sign of cowardice. 

•Claims that the ”Ethnostate cannot be obtained through politics” or anytime soon either; which is ironic from his perspective of things. 

•A suggestion of his is that we should expend our own resources to build up the third world so that people can be relocated there from the Ethnostate. 

•He specifically states that at this point in time “The White race is not backed up against a wall.” And it is “not at the point where someone is being physically assaulted.” (Are you fucking kidding me ?!?!)

• Two excellent Richard Spencer quotes from the podcast as regards immigration: “White people are threatened by high IQ Indians and high IQ East Asians.” And “White people are threatened due to their lower IQ.” 

•Also mentions that (paraphrasing roughly) “We could be replaced by Africans with higher IQs.” 

Feel free to use this information in its exact, or any, form with no mention of credit. It’s a lot to handle, honestly. 

* * *
Dear Aldo:

There is no "feud" between Mr. Spencer and myself. The simple fact that he is (so far) extremely wrong about some things, and he may be so wrong that he will contribute significantly to the demise of the White race and Western civilization.

There is an old saying: "Any fool can turn an aquarium into fish soup, but once that's done, nobody can turn the fish soup back into an aquarium." Richard Spencer says he can turn the fish soup back into an aquarium, possibly using tiki torches as part of the process. No, he can't.

Spencer is important because he is the Fearless Leader the media have chosen for us, and we're stuck with him. Regardless of what any of us think of him, the media which the overwhelming majority of White people still allow to influence their perceptions to some degree claim he is our Fearless Leader. In this country, to be on television is to be real. It is to be validated. Richard Spencer may have lost his Twitter verification but in the minds of millions he now has an indelible little blue checkmark by his image in our minds, put there by cable news and the internet. Let's be honest; it might have been worse. They might have given us Craig Cobb, and they almost did give us Milo.

I am not "feuding" or acting out of "jealousy" as I have been accused of doing. I am desperately pleading with Mr. Spencer to change course before he becomes a significant part of the problem rather than the solution. 

Mr. Spencer, for his first few years in the Great Game, was like most Fearless Leaders able to get away with nothing but the constant stating and re-stating of the problem. The crisis of civilization is now such that this is no longer adequate. We have to begin to take active steps out here in the real world (the internet is not the real world) to solve the problem. We must have a plan, and then we must commit physical off-internet acts to implement that plan. I do. He doesn't. 

Mr. Spencer has been been stung by my repeated criticisms on the internet into finally going so far as to state that he has a "vision" of something he calls an "ethnostate." So do I. In my case, the Northwest Front knows precisely where that ethnostate will be and we have a plan, the Butler Plan, which will bring that ethnostate into existence, assuming we can ever make ourselves heard over all the noise and get the right individuals among you to listen.

As near as anyone can figure, Mr. Spencer's "vision" consists of  the Brady Bunch fantasy, i.e. the turning back of the clock to restore the America of the 1950s or 60s, or at the latest, the 1970s. I remember those times and yes, they were infinitely more livable than today, but lemme tell ya, dewds, they were no ethnostate.

Spencer's use of the term "ethnostate" at all hints that he may be getting his pale ass dragged kicking and screaming to the point where he has to admit that it will prove impossible to take back the old Amurrica from sea to shining sea, and that there must be a division of the North American continent between the multifarious filth that has invaded us such as Third World immigrants, or the filth which has sprung from within our own crapulent racial soul such as the buttfuckers, with a view toward ensuring that the remaining healthy elements among the White population get a piece of the pie.

I am still disturbed that it took almost a year of carping and hectoring, on my part and on the part of many others, for Spencer to check the anti-queer box on the application form, so to speak. This is something that used to be so routine among Fearless Leader aspirants that nobody thought anything of it. His crack about homosexuality being "no big deal" still unsettles me. Okay, a couple of months ago he finally checked the no-buggery box, through a third party. Very little and very late. It's one of the things about him that still makes my spidey sense tingle. 

I admit that something else is his class origins, which I simply don't trust. I come from the very lowest echelons of that class; compared to Spencer's crowd my grandfather's factories made him merely comfortably well off, but I remember enough not to trust anyone who makes more than X dollars per year. (It's really hard to pin down the exact income where a White American man or woman's loyalty is transferred irrevocably from other human beings to Mammon, but whatever that limit is, Richard Spencer is way over it.)

Okay, granted, men do not mature politically overnight. I didn't. It took me until Ruby Ridge in 1992 to admit to myself that the Northwest was the way to go, and another eight years to say so publicly in my article "Rubicon." That will be the point where we will know whether Richard Spencer is a sincere nationalist or not---when he finally yields to the cold equations of history, steps before us and says, "Guys, I was wrong. The old America is gone forever, we will never be able to recover it, and we're going to have to divide up the pie and make sure the White man gets a slice." 

Then it becomes an issue of what slice, how big, and where? That's where the Butler Plan comes in.

The key to forcing Spencer to come out of the closet, so to speak, on the issue of White separatism,  is to bombard him mercilessly with: "What are we going to do with the [pick your favorite obnoxious minority]?" There are tens of millions of people and other anthropomorphic bipeds on the North American continent who should not be here. What does Richard Spencer intend to do with them in order to make them go away and create this "ethnostate" of his, which by definition must be all White? Or else it's not an ethnostate at all, it's just Richard Spencer running a scam to get at old people's savings, which has historically been the motivation of a disgusting number of our Fearless Leaders.

Look, I may be wrong about this man. He may be perfectly sincere and he may have begun his career genuinely believing that it is possible somehow to turn the fish soup back into an aquarium. Hell, for years I clung to the delusion that we could go back not just 80 years, but become another country. It could be that Richard Spencer is just still going through his learning curve.

But he'd better learn pretty damned fast. Showtime is approaching us like a freight train down a tunnel. No more do-overs, no more practice swings. The curtain is about to go up when we either go live with "this thing of ours" or get booed and beaten off the stage. Richard Spencer and everybody else has to get with the program. Racial death is not an option.


Friday, December 01, 2017

All The President's Men

                           Sir Edward Carson reviewing the Ulster Volunteer Force, 1914 

(Originally published February 4th. Re-posted in view of the President's recent betrayal to the enemy by one of his own generals.)

One of the points I have begun making of late is that our new President, love him or hate him, will soon find his back to the wall. Whatever his motives, it would seem that he is indeed attempting to bring about bona fide change which involves disempowering and removing the existing empowered élite, and that is always a deadly dangerous thing to do. 

He will need some muscle to use against his enemies. Those enemies are legion, and many of them are standing behind him wearing nice conservative Republican suits, no doubt with daggers concealed beneath the folds like the Senators who murdered Julius Caesar. At some point someone is going to try to take him out, and that may come soon. That attempt may come in the form of a funny little man who steps out of the crowd with a pistol in his hand a la Arthur Bremer and John Hinckley, or it may come from some attempt on the part of the Democrats and RINOs to impeach him or invoke the 25th Amendment and declare him “incapable of performing his duties,” which is the way the left-loon blogosphere is tending now.

Donald Trump needs to form a legitimate, bona fide citizens’ militia to defend the Constitution and his own presidency against pretty much the whole damned world. I don’t mean clearly unstable, unfit, bizarre weirdos in camouflage pretending to be soldiers. I mean an actual paramilitary force, properly trained and organized and supplied, that will point the weapons and pull the triggers and put some manners on all these scum. An outfit that will do things Baghdad-style rather than go back to the business as usual of being ruled by the coastal élites. 

This new militia needs to be legal and openly affiliated with the President of the United States and the executive branch. Without Trump’s personal and visible seal of approval and a certain amount of hands-on, it will lack the moral authority to do what will eventually have to be done, i.e. drain the swamp for real and protect the true citizens and rightful inhabitants of North America from criminals in Washington and invaders all over the land. The new militia will need open access to government funding, supplies, armories and weapons. Something like Edward Carson’s original Ulster Volunteer Force of 1912 springs to mind. 

The new militia will require a degree of professionalism that will rule “us” out, at least in any official capacity. The majority of these troops need to be veterans, of which we have all too many wandering our streets unemployed these days, and they need to be commanded by retired, reserve or detached-duty officers. I’m talking about an honest-to-God paramilitary force, not a Bundy brothers clown show. (No cowboy hats, please.)

“We” do not fall into this category, at least not the majority of us. Our males with military experience such as myself are mostly too old, and however skillful some of our younger males may be at creating Twitter memes or YouTube videos, the time is coming when these are not the skill sets that will be required. The time for Amateur Hour is over; the anti-Trump “protests” financed by George Soros are rapidly approaching the point of low-level insurgency. They have to be countered, and the new President can’t be sure of the loyalty of those around him. He will need to call out the Trump Train once again. 

Americans have no idea at all how to organize for revolution, how to motivate for revolution, or how to behave as revolutionaries in a genuine underground pre-revolutionary environment. It’s not in our history. Revolution has been attempted only twice in this country’s history, only once successfully, and on both of those prior occasions the attempts were led from the top down, by politicians and lawyers and professionals and businessmen, by educated men of property and status. 

America has never experienced any attempt at revolution by any race or class of people who are genuinely on the bottom, as White Americans are, and we don’t have the slightest idea of how to go about it. This isn’t to say that a genuine bottom-up revolution can’t be accomplished. Of course it can. It’s been accomplished repeatedly over the past century. But we haven’t got a clue how to do it. I’ve been telling you for some time, but no one is listening. We think we’re organizing a Rotary club. Revolutions are not made by Rotary clubs, nor are they made by guys who blaze away for 90 minutes and then ride off into the sunset on a Harley with a hot chick behind them. Revolutions are not made by middle-aged adolescents.
When the time comes when such a militia is formed—as I believe will occur, possibly soon when Trump understands what he is up against—as much as I still advocate the Northwest migration, do not hesitate to help the process along in your area however you can. The experience for when you Come Home will be invaluable, and I wouldn’t ask any of you to miss a chance to be a part of history.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A California Orangutan In King Arthur's Court

Unless Harry has a history of pursuing wogs, I can't believe he met the critter & genuinely went mad for her--he literally can have anyone he wants, like, any white female -- & this is genuinely what he wants? I can't quite believe that,  not yet. 

I have an uneasy /bad feeling he was ordered to pick a half black (why not something with class? Asian, Iranian, etc?) With his phenotype combined with hers, the results could be gruesome: he doesn't realise that? I can just see & hear QE ordering him like he's to go buy Brand B instead of Brand C dog food. The description of Harry being visibly nervous, anxious, fidgety etc--not like him. 

I am a traditionalist & I do not speak against the monarch/y lightly. I do so only where they pose a clear & present danger to their nation, their people, that they truly care, in the negative sense, about no-one but themselves, etc.

 The British royals have been monsters presiding over the eclipse of the British Empire.  (Has Lord Lucan had a coronary yet?) That makes them not very noble etc., but not malignant.

This is completely different. This is their engaging in premeditated deliberate action to commit racial treason. This is being done to set in motion a chain of events they are in a unique position to launch. 

Every white girl is going to do a lot more than run out & get Diana hairdos for the next 5 years (like many girls did in my home town.) This is a Kevin MacDonald evopsych nightmare come true. Wifey looks to be a "feminist"--i.e. a lying hypocrite bitch doing the utter antithesis of a feminist, marrying into the British Royal Family. She will do incredible damage to the minds of white girls who already can't reason their way out of a damp paper bag.

My main question may not be answered for years. Is Harry a sacrificial lamb? Or is this "the next/new phase" & in a few years this will be normal across the board?

You know I'm just simply not one of the conspiracy nutters. But if anything to date really is--and is fairly shockingly crude, no super-subtle symbolism here--a Masonic operation etc,  this is it. 

I've been weaving in & out of feeling slightly ill all day. It has me sick at heart.

"This is a day that will live in infamy... "