Thursday, August 17, 2017


by Bill White
Red flags on the ground,
Red blood in the streets.
Black lives no longer matter.
George Soros starts to weep.

Terry McAuliffe blithers nonsense.
Whose streets? Not yours.
Donald Trump blames many sides.
Did you want a total war?

Barack Obama quotes black terror.
The Judah-cult lies on CNN.
White workers must be denounced.
At Charlottesville, this all ends.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

HAC On Charlottesville

[Excerpted from the Northwest Front Organizational Letter #69, August 15th 2017] 

I am preparing an extensive RFN on the Charlottesville episode of August 11-12, which I will podcast on Radio Free Northwest. What happened last weekend has major ramifications, just not the ones many of us might think.

First off, while I’ve made it clear over the past several months that I have severe reservations about the character of Richard Spencer, I won’t get into detail on those reservations, at least not here. I don’t want the Richard Spencer problem perceived as personal before the political and racial aspects have been thoroughly gone into. There are much more serious and long-tern implications for what Spencer is doing that need to be prioritized for examination and analysis.

First off, before saying anything else, I have to congratulate Spencer on a genuine and impressive achievement. He did what we’ve all been trying to do for a long time. He got around five hundred White people, mostly younger males, to actually come out from behind their computers and get their asses into the street. And yeah, the best estimate I can get from some guys who were there is between 400 and 500 people, not thousands as has been reported by the hysterical media. Those torches multiply the apparent size of any crowd.

The fact is that as good an effort as this was by the standards of our wee little Movement, we still laid on months of preparation and hard work by Jason Kessler, by Spencer himself, and by others, and we managed to bring together roughly the same number of people as a moderately large society wedding reception. You see, that’s another fact of life we need to come to grips with: there just aren’t that many of us. Another reason we need as many as possible living in communities a half an hour’s drive from one another.  

To Think Rather Than To Feel 

I believe that the deleterious effects of that achievement will outweigh the good in the long run, but my reasons for doing so are based on observation and experience, and the emotional and optic impact of Charlottesville is quite different, a fact we must accept and deal with. Whiteboys have been raised from birth to feel rather than to think, but we have to sit down and think about all this, very carefully.

I admit that to surface perception this Charlottesville thing actually does feel a little bit like victory of some kind. It certainly validates us in the massive media coverage department. (Dead bodies will do that. If it bleeds, it leads.) It’s only when you start looking ahead a few months or years that one sees the problems, like sharp jagged rocks below the water along a green and pleasant coastline.

What Spencer did in Charlottesville was something I never thought would happen, something which is potentially lethal to the White race and in my opinion may well pose an existential threat to our species. He has re-opened a battle of strategic thought which frankly I once believed the NF had pretty much won, and would never have to fight again. 

I’m talking about the Brady Bunch fantasy, the idea that somehow it is possible for a White political movement to turn back the clock to a time a decreasing few of us remember, and which most of us can only watch on our electronic screens, often in black and white.

Spencer’s knees-up in Charlottesville has revived in our minds the idea that somehow it is possible to bring back Eisenhower, Ozzie and the Beaver and the Brady Bunch, bobbi sox and the family station wagon and church on Sunday followed by the Golden Corral buffet; to turn back the hands of time to the 50s and 60s, or even the 70s and 80s, (nostalgia for leg warmers and 8-tracks?); to take back all of Amurrica at once and make everything like it once was. 
No. That’s not possible, and if you guys will sit and think about this for a minute you will understand that it is no more possible now than it was two weeks ago before Charlottesville. The clock turns forward, never backward. Things in this country have simply gone too far. That has always been one of the bedrock foundations of the Northwest Migration, and now thanks to Richard Spencer’s tiki torches it is under challenge.

The Circus Has Come To Town

I have sometimes compared the job of the Northwest Front to being a schoolmaster in a classroom of unruly seven-year-olds on a warm spring day, with the windows open. It’s hard enough at the best of times to keep our little scholars’ noses stuck into their books and studying the multiplication tables on the blackboard. But then outside, the circus comes marching down the street, with calliopes and bass drums and clowns and elephants and pretty girls in sequined outfits stunt-riding on horses, and some slick ringmaster like Richard Spencer shouting through a megaphone that he’s got the greatest show on earth. I figured we were about out of that stage, but I was wrong, and now we have to go through it all again.

What the Party has to engage in now is a massive back-to-basics campaign, clearly and cogently laying out the simple political and demographic facts of life to our own people. The case for geographic separation in general and the Northwest Homeland in particular must be made and re-made over and over again, the sheer depressing logic of it pounded into our people’s skulls until we finally get their attention away from all the flickering torches and they take a good long look around them and they see what is real, near, and deadly dangerous. We cannot keep a large number of our own people from running to Richard Spencer like lemmings, eager for the promised entertainment, which I am sure he will provide. What we can do is make sure that the minority of people in our ranks who have the ability to think rather than to feel come with us. 

What's The Plan, Richard?  

One of the ways in which Spencer’s new movement will founder is the same way all the others have: his essential lack of a plan. At least so far. If he has one, he isn’t sharing it, and if he has one he needs to. Hundreds or even thousands of torches in the darkness are an awe-inspiring sight, that I grant you. They are not a plan, they are a light show at a rock concert. (Yes, I am aware of my own past joking references to torchlight parades. Our Movement is nothing if not full of irony.) 

So what is the plan, Richard? What precisely are you going to do with all those bodies and how will you bring that plan to fruition?

The problem is, Spencer is at least so far trying to work within democracy, and remember that the purpose of democracy is to prevent change. At best, even for those who play the game successfully with skill and ruthlessness and dump-truck loads full of money, democracy only ends up in one place, elected office. And we see with Donald Trump how that works out for genuine outsiders.

I figure we’re most likely looking at a Richard Spencer for President campaign, probably kicked off in 2018 with a Congressional bid in Texas or some other red area. If you’re going to use democracy, that’s the only way it can go. Or possibly some big media company so Mr. Spencer can become his generation’s Roger Ailes.

Neither of which secures the existence of our people and a future for White children.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Radio Free Northwest - August 17th, 2017 

HAC on the Late Night Alt.Right Show

Saturday, August 12, 2017

A Word In Your Shell-Like Ear ...

Do you understand now that "our" type of politics is dangerous? That it is not a game or a form of entertainment? That you can be seriously hurt if you attempt to deny other people their rights, spit on their ancestors's graves, and generally do the vicious and infantile spiteful things you people normally do?

Do you begin to realize that that there are still a few out there who really are ready to respond to your insults and your contempt and your revolting behavior with stern and forceful action in the real world, not on an electronic screen? Not many, true, but they are out there.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Harold On Gab

My Gab account is @HAC1488 just like on Twitter. 309 followers so far. Make a note in case I suddenly disappear from Twitter; the bannings there are falling all around me like shells on the Western Front.

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Radio Free Northwest - August 10th, 2017 

A stream of consciousness episode from HAC.

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Test Meme To See If Blogspot Is Fixed

Friday, August 04, 2017

Blogspot Problems is apparently having some technical issues. Just wanted you to know that it's not me.

From Matt Heimbach

[Matt's in the process of having his 15 Minutes right now, and I don't begrudge it to him, since he has immense potential. I have met him, and I was impressed. So I figured I'd let him respond to the latest Goat Dancing directed at him by the Usual Suspects. - HAC]

First of all, thank you as always for reaching out to me. One of the biggest problems in our movement is a lack of clear communication. 

The Traditionalist Worker Party is an FEC registered party, and as such, follows some unique laws from the FEC. We of course are a fully secessionist, National Socialist, and pro-White party. We can control all party officers and leadership roles, though due technically to the law, we cannot restrict registration by someone as a party member (so long as they agree to our principles, so it'd be rather odd for a chink to want to fight for the creation of a nation that they couldn't be a part of.) We can, however, fully control who speaks on behalf of the party, who runs a chapter, who can attend events etc; which is entirely for us and by us, not multicultural.  

As part of our 25 Points, it clearly states

"The guiding principle of the Traditionalist Worker Party is fighting for the rights and self determination of Whites in America. The Fourteen Words “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children” best exemplifies the mission of our movement, to work to create a sustainable Homeland for our culture, identity, families, and blood.

We fight for Faith, Family and Folk; all elements of the national rebirth of our people and culture....

Only members of the National Community may be citizens of the State. Citizenship in the ethno-state must therefore be limited to White persons, and White persons alone. Non-citizens may live in our nation only as guests and must be subject to laws for aliens. Guests will always be treated with respect unless they become a threat to our nation...

This will be a People’s State, there will be no room for Communists, Anarchists, Liberals, Zionists, and other subversive alien elements because they are not members of our national community and not ‘our people’."

Our only mission is to achieve a sovereign and independent Homeland for our people. The Traditionalist Youth Network, which has since been dissolved into the Party, never was a Christian organization or "anti-racist", one only has to look at articles written on the site such as The Confederate Flag is Racist, Get Over it where I stated "A State at the time can only be considered as an organic and folkish expression of a shared ethnic community. To fight for “States Rights” was to fight for the self determination of your folk. So yes dear Leftists, by your definition of Whites organizing for their own self interest, the Confederate Battle Flag is racist and guess what, I’m ok with that." To of course the glorification of National Socialist Germany, the Romanian Iron Guard, and other Fascist movements.
The only thing I could possibly think of in the TWP 25 Points that could be called "multicultural" would be the support for breaking down the American Empire into different ethno-states. The 25 Points continues by saying "In the American Empire, we are slaves to the wishes of the globalists and Wall Street. We shall secede from the tyrannical regime of Washington DC and chart our own course for our people.
We declare war on colonialism, capitalism, communism, international Jewry, and neo-imperialism. We seek, in addition to our own ethnostate, return of self-rule for Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Indian Reservations, and all remaining American territories.
Nonwhite ethnic communities shall have the right of self determination, in an end of the American Empire’s “One Size Fits None” system of government."
In order to defeat the Jewish System, and based on current demographics and geopolitical realities, we understand, as the NWR does in Freedom's Sons, that we couldn't possibly retake the entire American landmass given our numbers and resources, therefore supporting Balkanization and other nationalists who also fight the Jewish system and want to leave us alone is a good thing for us all. The American situation is of course different than Europe, and we have to be realistic, while refusing to compromise any of our principles. 
One final point on the religion assertion that we are Christian, that isn't true. I am a Christian, as are many of our comrades, but in the leadership alone we have several Roman Pagans, followers of Asatru, and several different Christian denominations. 
On religion our policy is "Every traditional European Faith, regardless of denomination, shall be protected. Christians of different confessions, Folk Religionists, and others are all members of the same extended family and thus share a common destiny and relationship with one another. Our Party promotes respect and tolerance within the National Community on different expressions of Faith....Religious organizations or those employed by a religious organization however will not be allowed to engage in partisan politics, in order to allow both the Church and the State to run their affairs within their own sphere.
Cults or subversive organizations masquerading as religious institutions shall be banned if they are deemed a threat to the moral or political stability of the nation.
The State shall not infringe on the Church, and while believers of religious communities are encouraged to engage in the political system, there must be a clear line between the two entities within our society."
On the Jewish Question, from our official Party member manual "What cannot be ignored in our current struggle is that the Organized Jewish Community is a large part of the intellectual, financial, and mass media oligarchy of the globalist forces. The Jewish elites and community leaders play a symbiotic role with the rank and file “everyday Jews.  Unlike the case for whites, where White elites are actively working against their race’s interest in collusion with the Jews, in the jewish group organism, the head is connected to the body.  
This means that while on an individual level, some Jews may outwardly come across as relatively normal people, claiming to not even be consciously aware of what their race is doing in full, they’re still playing an integrated role in a group organism that’s committing genocide against our race.
If each individual Jew is consciously working to exterminate our race is beside the point – they all play an active role in a group organism that’s hellbent on killing us. Further, given the existence of established global Jewish networks, wealth solidified through jewish banking, media, and corporate dynasties, and the significantly high average IQ found within Jews, it’s very easy for “everyday Jews” to be upwardly mobile and become elites. If those networks are destroyed, they’d be very easy to rebuild them especially if the Jewish problem is framed in a manner that allows a portion of Jewry to go crypto, infiltrate existing institutions, and form their own networks within there for eventual takeover. Given the existence of global Jewish networks and money, it’d be very easy for them to maintain backchannel funds and connections to assist in that process.
On account of their established behavior pattern, even nationalist Jews cannot be trusted.  Jews claiming to be ethnonationalists who want total separation and independence from the gentile world only circulate that claim within WN and alt right spheres as a rhetorical redirection ploy to stop people from criticizing jews as a cohesive entity and attacking them as an enemy.
Our Party will never shy away from calling out the corrupt Jewish bankers, politicians with dual loyalties, or anti-social movements that are led by and financed by Jews."
Hopefully this helps clarify my position, and the position of TWP on these issues.

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Three Alternate Plans That Won't Work

[Excerpt from NF Bulletin - August 2017]

I got an e-mail from a female comrade of ours telling me that I am starting to sound defeatist, like I’ve given up. I certainly never intended to sound like that, and I apologize profusely to anyone who got that impression. I can see how sometimes others might take it like that, when I’m ranting and raving about how completely useless the American White man is. 

In fact, it’s kind of hard not to sound defeatist when I’m talking about that particular subject. I always make a deliberate effort to not sound like an Eeyore, either by italicizing like this or bolding and underlining like this, or by raising my voice and bellowing into the mike if I’m on RFN (or as close as I can some to bellowing and still record properly) but maybe sometimes I don’t quite pull it off.

What I am is pissed off, and I can see that it might be possible for people to mistake that for sounding defeatist. I’m pissed off a lot, especially over the last year or so as we stagger toward the window which we are going to allow to sail by, and sometimes it shows. I know that’s unprofessional and it’s also not effective propaganda-wise. I shouldn’t let it show, and I apologize, but as someone once said of the White nationalist movement, we never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

I sometimes have a tendency to use irony in ways that possibly are a little too obscure, like when I say things like, “We all know what we should be doing, but we’re too chickenshit to do it, and so there’s never going to be a Northwest Republic and our race is going to perish,” so forth and so on. That’s not me being defeatist, that’s me taking a dig at White laziness and cowardice and inability to focus on anything for longer than 15 minutes. 

Anyway, once again, I’m sorry if I sound like I’m contemplating throwing in the towel. I couldn’t throw in the towel on the Northwest Republic even if I wanted to. Guys, I’m dead serious. Please think about this. There simply is no other solution. None.

You know all these idiots who stalk me all over the internet and scream hatred and abuse at me in the comments section of any blog or article that so much as mentions me or the Northwest imperative? Has anyone besides me ever noticed that these people offer no other alternative at all to the Northwest? That no one among us has ever come up with a viable plan for the White man to survive the coming years and somehow restore the old Amurrica from sea to shining sea and bring back Ozzie Nelson and his cardigan from the 1950s?

I grew up in the last of the White world, and while it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, I can confirm that yes, it was a better time and a better way. I would do anything to restore that world if I could, but it’s just not possible.

In fact, in the 45 years I've been involved with the Movement this month—yes, this month is my 45th anniversary; I received my first copy of the old Party's newspaper White Power in the mail at Schofield Barracks in July of 1972—in all those 45 years I have come across exactly three very vague nationwide plans to somehow restore the old America. Only three, in a country and society this huge.

I. Get A “Good Man” Elected To The White House

Commander Rockwell was planning on running for president in 1972, which is probably one reason he was assassinated since he had just picked up some serious financial backing from the Hunt Brothers in Texas.

Sometimes I wonder if the Commander could have pulled off some kind of surprise electoral coup like Donald Trump did in 2016, but frankly I doubt it. Different times, only a dozen or so major newspapers that counted and only three TV networks that all signed off at midnight. (This was in the days when White men all had jobs to go to the next morning.) Trump was vaulted to victory by 24/7 cable coverage and above all, the internet which provided an alternative set of facts and viewpoints not controlled by the empowered élite.

It is, of course, possible that Rockwell’s third party candidacy might have positioned him to become a serious player in American biopolitics, and based on the springboard of his 1972 campaign his career would have started to bear fruit and show results over the next ten years, but we’ll never know now.

II. That One Big Union

My old Rhodesian buddy Eric Thomson came up with the idea of one big IWW-like syndicalist labor union for White workers who would eventually seize power in a nationwide General Strike. 

That idea has always intrigued me, and I would truly love to see someone try to put it into practice. Unfortunately, you run into the same wall with the One Big Union idea what you run into with every other plan: you reach a point where you have to Take It Real and receive concrete and material support by serious and committed adults.

By the time Eric and I got back to this country from Rhodesia in the late 1970s, the White man had degenerated to the point where he was incapable of responding to any kind of mass movement, political or economic. I think that’s something we all never seem to grasp: the overwhelming majority of our own people are simply mentally and emotionally incapable of responding to us in the way we want. Most of our propaganda speaks to our great-grandfathers, not the White people of today.

III. Incite A Palace Coup

Third, there is Dr. William Pierce’s plan, which he never openly advocated and which I only learned about a few years ago from a former National Alliance bod. Bill Pierce never actually shared this plan with any of his own people, which maybe he should have. It might have changed history or at least plugged the hemorrhage of talent from the National Alliance through an almost 80% annual turnover due to short attention spans combined with a sense of drift.

The idea was to produce the very best and most persuasive propaganda we can, and which the National Alliance most certainly did, then use it to reach and convert so-called “influentials,” i.e. to try somehow to persuade the remaining White elements in the power structure, including military and police officers who might still command some kind of manpower and firepower, to stage what amounts to a palace coup d’etat and compel reform from within the System.

Mmmm … maybe back when Pierce started in 1970 that might have been possible. In the early 2000s, I frankly doubt it. 

Napoleon said that revolution is an idea that has found bayonets; Pierce at least appears to have understood that, since he wrote Hunter and The Turner Diaries. He seems to have given up on any hope that the White man might ever find his own bayonets, and he hoped that basically he could persuade people like senior police officers and the Joint Chiefs of Staff and so on to turn their guns on the System, send the tanks rolling through the streets of Washington D.C. and arrest whatever empty suit was sitting in the Oval Office, etc.

The idea was that someday out of the blue Pierce’s program would bear unforeseen fruit in the form of a military coup by Pentagon generals and millionaires who had been passing around clandestine copies of Which Way Western Man and The Turner Diaries. Or more likely because the military finally gets tired of the bullshit and the endless deployments in no-win wars and the filth and corruption of Washington D.C.

Okay, there is some chance that as the situation in the United States continues to deteriorate under President Trump and the hysterical efforts on the part of the Soros crew to overthrow him, some kind of military coup backed by elements in Congress and the Deep State might happen—but if it does, will those generals and Deep State spooks be the White man’s friend? I don’t think so. 

Any such coup probably wouldn’t be racial, and in a military dictatorship I’d most likely be arrested and interned just on general principles like dissidents of any kind. 

Frankly it would be worth it just to see Bill and Barry and their hos dragged away by the Delta Force. But will that ever happen? Really? Mmmmm….well, if and when it does it won’t be properly motivated, and will be too little and too late to do the White man any good.

Anyway, I hadn’t intended to go off on a long Grandpa Simpson digression there, I’m just pointing out that I can’t throw in the towel, because there isn’t anything else, and I’m sorry if I gave that impression. Several people have in fact suggested that for my retirement I re-invent myself as a so-called spiritual leader and form my own cult, and I suppose there’s something to be said for that. Hell, back 25 years ago the Rajneesh managed to get thousands of dumb-ass White people to relocate to some little town in Oregon. But the problem with that is, I doubt I could pull it off with a straight face. Can you imagine me as the Prophet Harold wearing long flowing robes, and maybe a pointy hat like Gandalf?

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Rado Free Northwest - Auguist 3rd, 2017 

Harold explains his long-running “Waiting For Godot” joke on Twitter. Also, Lord Lucan returns.